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Can you email me a sample of your excel spread sheet please? I would like to use your idea of getting my book into Chapters, etc. for completion by the end of the year.

I have read that your first book should not be over a certain number of pages. Is this true?

Hi Marlene,

What a great suggestion! I'll make a template and post it here in a few days.

Re your other question, I don't think there's any right or wrong length for a book, first or otherwise. There are so many parameters to consider. For example, is it fiction or non-fiction? If it's a historical novel that spans centuries, yes, it's going to be a long book. Is it a non-fiction how-to book? You can keep that to 160 printed pages, but of course it could easily go longer. The important thing is to have a great outline and a clear focus for your book. If you have that, it will help you write the right length.

Hope that helps!


Solid advice, Diana:-) Love your humor!

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