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  • 407.491.8107

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  • MON, WED, FRI 9:30-10:30 am. Group classes, FUNIQ Studio, Longwood, FL, $15/class or 5-class punch card for $60. (Punch cards expire 6 weeks from 1st class.) More "core," more "booty," more Yogalates, more total body sculpting and even more fun (if that's possible!!)

Better Butts By Beth personal training

Add fun & fitness to your events!

  • Click here for details!
    Hire me for your corporate events & meetings! I'll liven up your conference, workplace, and parties, and I promise I'll change lives through humor, inspirational stories and amazing little tips and shortcuts! I guarantee EVERYONE will be "moving their assets," from the chair that is!

Coming soon!

  • It's my brand-new book!
  • Who ever heard of a funny fitness book? You have! Because I'm writing one--and you know if I'm writing a book, it's NOT going to be dull and boring! Watch for it soon!

We've Got Results!

  • "If an over-50, overweight woman like me could say, 'I had fun,' anyone can do it!" --Cathy (after her very first FUNIQ class)
  • "My bone density went up so much that my doctor took me off Boniva completely. My cholesterol went down 17 points and I lost 20 pounds -- all in my first 2 months at FUNIQ!"--Judy S.
  • "After I saw Slumdog Millionaire, all I wanted to do was dance like Jimal and Latika at the end of the movie. My friend said, 'You can do that at FUNIQ.' After the first class, I was hooked. I felt so good when I left that class, I thought I was Latika! It's the most fun I've had doing ANY type of exercise."--Donna R. (now a regular)
  • "Looking forward to working out is half the battle. FUNIQ is so fun that I look forward to it every week. You sweat your butt off and feel amazing when you're done. I love it!"--Patti A.
  • "Bethanne is upbeat, sassy, and energetic. Thank you for reminding me that exercise is a lot of fun. It's been more than 12 years since I spent this much energy anywhere!"--Estrallita B.
  • "I've worked out with Bethanne for years and the FUNIQ program has proven results. It's so unique and, more importantly, fun! You don't get bored with the same old exercise regimen. I continue to receive compliments from family and friends on the great shape I'm in."--Linnette P-B.
  • “The hour we're all together at FUNIQ is so full of energy and fun that you forget you're exercising!”--Lori S.
  • "I've lost 2 sizes--without dieting! Going to FUNIQ 3 times a week has sped up my metabolism and I've got more energy. No more flabby arms and no more back problems!" --Diana S.

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Bethanne L. Weiss, BS

  • A.C.E. certified in group fitness and personal training
  • FUNIQ Founder
  • Owner, Better Butts by Beth: In-home personal training
  • 407.491.8107

It's fun . . . it's unique. . . it's FUNIQ!

  • I’ve been teaching fitness classes—group and one-on-one—for more than 20 years.
  • I realize that fun and variety keep people motivated, passionate, and coming back for more.
  • That’s why I created FUNIQ: a fun + unique fitness program. It’s challenging and never boring!
  • You and your body are in for a fun + unique treat!
  • FUNIQ mixes fabulous music with an awesome all-in-one workout that combines cardio, strengthening, and flexibility into one, fun-filled, power-packed hour!
  • This unique program is a fusion of dance, kickboxing, total body sculpting, Pilates, bands, weights, and more.
  • You'll burn hundreds of calories as you continuously move. You'll love it so much you'll forget you're "working" out.

What FUNIQ can do for you

  • Lose body fat while sculpting all your muscle groups
  • Increase your stamina, strength & flexibility
  • No two workouts alike. You'll never be bored!
  • Improve posture and stand taller
  • Strengthen your heart & lungs
  • Dramatically decrease stress and increase energy level
  • Perfect for all ages & fitness levels
  • Sleep better, feel better, love life!
  • Your 1st class is FREE!