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    Hire me for your corporate events & meetings! I'll liven up your conference, workplace, and parties, and I promise I'll change lives through humor, inspirational stories and amazing little tips and shortcuts! I guarantee EVERYONE will be "moving their assets," from the chair that is!

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  • It's my brand-new book!
  • Who ever heard of a funny fitness book? You have! Because I'm writing one--and you know if I'm writing a book, it's NOT going to be dull and boring! Watch for it soon!

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  • "If an over-50, overweight woman like me could say, 'I had fun,' anyone can do it!" --Cathy (after her very first FUNIQ class)
  • "My bone density went up so much that my doctor took me off Boniva completely. My cholesterol went down 17 points and I lost 20 pounds -- all in my first 2 months at FUNIQ!"--Judy S.
  • "After I saw Slumdog Millionaire, all I wanted to do was dance like Jimal and Latika at the end of the movie. My friend said, 'You can do that at FUNIQ.' After the first class, I was hooked. I felt so good when I left that class, I thought I was Latika! It's the most fun I've had doing ANY type of exercise."--Donna R. (now a regular)
  • "Looking forward to working out is half the battle. FUNIQ is so fun that I look forward to it every week. You sweat your butt off and feel amazing when you're done. I love it!"--Patti A.
  • "Bethanne is upbeat, sassy, and energetic. Thank you for reminding me that exercise is a lot of fun. It's been more than 12 years since I spent this much energy anywhere!"--Estrallita B.
  • "I've worked out with Bethanne for years and the FUNIQ program has proven results. It's so unique and, more importantly, fun! You don't get bored with the same old exercise regimen. I continue to receive compliments from family and friends on the great shape I'm in."--Linnette P-B.
  • “The hour we're all together at FUNIQ is so full of energy and fun that you forget you're exercising!”--Lori S.
  • "I've lost 2 sizes--without dieting! Going to FUNIQ 3 times a week has sped up my metabolism and I've got more energy. No more flabby arms and no more back problems!" --Diana S.

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Well said Whitney...awesome!! What you just said is the reason I'm writing my new book, "Move Your Assets!" People are just not moving anymore, eating HUGE plates of food and thinking that the one hour on the treadmill will "do the trick!" Maybe I can include your comment in the book?
I'll write to you, thanks :)
Better Butts by Beth

I used to think that you had to do at least one hour of cardio to get a real workout in. Now I realize, so many activities really are good mowing the lawn, moving kids furniture (just picked up my daughter at college yesterday so it is on my mind). When we do the untraditional type of workouts, though, I think we really also need to think about what we are eating,too. Burning less calories is fine as long as we are eating a little fewer, too.!

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Bethanne L. Weiss, BS

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It's fun . . . it's unique. . . it's FUNIQ!

  • I’ve been teaching fitness classes—group and one-on-one—for more than 20 years.
  • I realize that fun and variety keep people motivated, passionate, and coming back for more.
  • That’s why I created FUNIQ: a fun + unique fitness program. It’s challenging and never boring!
  • You and your body are in for a fun + unique treat!
  • FUNIQ mixes fabulous music with an awesome all-in-one workout that combines cardio, strengthening, and flexibility into one, fun-filled, power-packed hour!
  • This unique program is a fusion of dance, kickboxing, total body sculpting, Pilates, bands, weights, and more.
  • You'll burn hundreds of calories as you continuously move. You'll love it so much you'll forget you're "working" out.

What FUNIQ can do for you

  • Lose body fat while sculpting all your muscle groups
  • Increase your stamina, strength & flexibility
  • No two workouts alike. You'll never be bored!
  • Improve posture and stand taller
  • Strengthen your heart & lungs
  • Dramatically decrease stress and increase energy level
  • Perfect for all ages & fitness levels
  • Sleep better, feel better, love life!
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