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April 5, 2011



My heart feels heavy after reading this.


Diana is on Facebook...search Born2Fly. :) Her blog links are posted and can be shared by that location. (*Maybe a share button here too would be good...awesome suggestion.)

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Just because a child is innocent and helpless and can't defend himself doesn't mean that we should take advantage, this is a cruelty and must be stopped, this is a crime.

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Child trafficking is increasing every year. And the age limit is getting lower and lower. I'm afraid that this might get more serious than before.


This is heartbreaking. Thanks for all that you do in bringing light to this issue.

(Also, may I suggest adding a "Share via Facebook" or "Like" button to your blog posts? I believe you will get a little more exposure than just offering Digg, Del.icio.us and Twitter as social media options. [Just my two cents, as someone in the web design industry].)


Thank you for this gut-wrenching experience and for keeping it in the forefront of our minds and hearts. God Bless the children.

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  • The children you see on this blog have not knowingly been trafficked--although many are at risk for it.


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