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July 5, 2010



Blessings Diana
Thank you for keeping us informed!
Keep it up.

Excellent post as always with good info and I especially like how you give "what can we do?"

I have never used Craig's list, not would I now EVER...but I'm sure there not the only one though major one as you pointed out!

If you find out how this went on July 8th...let us know.

I am outraged once again but I want to see others informed and outraged too! That's why it's so good that you keep us informed!

Diana Scimone

Hi Katy, Did you actually post a want ad with it? I think that's how Rebecca Project is recommending we do it -- post a want ad and then copy that tagline at the end. Probably if you posted only the tagline, they would delete it. But thank you for trying and for your support. You made a statement and someone at Craigslist saw it, so that is good.
Diana Scimone

Katy (@discoveryhouse)

I posted the notice on Craigslist and received notification that I broke one of their rules and they were removing it.

Has anyone else mentioned having this trouble?


Thank you for working against trafficking - this post is very helpful!


This is one of the most amazing posts yet. I posted a note to Craig and Jim on their FB site. Don't know how long it'll be there. Shared it with my email list and on fb. Foxnews is the only one that has done a piece on this site. Nothing has been done since. Cops do undercover through it but it's just not enough...we must be an advocate. Thanks for your step by step on how to make this stop via craigslist. :)

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