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December 3, 2009


gerecycled geschenken

This is a great way to resettle the victims of trafficking. They can showcase their creativity and make new path to their lives.

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Did you know that:
Every minute, two children are trafficked for labor or sexual prostitution?

The Child Trafficking Industry makes 12 billion dollars annually?

There are over1.2 million children trafficked annuall

Eric Sullivan

Great list! Here are a few more below. My thesis research is on organizations doing this work. Glad to share the findings with you if of interest.

International Sanctuary (jewelry):

International Princess Project PUNJAMMIES:

Freeset Global (bags and t-shirts): http://freesetglobal.com/

Sari Bari (bags and blankets made from recycled saris):

STOPStart (bags):

Mekong Blue (scarves):

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Nicely said. I like your way of writing. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


Diana Scimone


That's amazing! Who knows--we may be related. I'll email you. Thanks for getting in touch.


Diana Scimone

Thanks, Jen, for linking on your Facebook page!


Julie Scimone-Henry

Diane - I am having one of those hard-to-describe moments where I know that me stumbling upon your site was not by chance. Initially being intrigued by sharing the same last name, I never expected what I would discover as I continued to read through your sites. I am almost too overwhelmed to type right now. I would love to get together with you sometime. I can't believe that you live in Lake Mary! I have an office in Lake Mary and live just a few miles away in Altamonte Springs! I am SO looking forward to hearing from you! Again, my email is klconnections@yahoo.com. Sincerly, a very (happily) overwhelmed Scimone

Julie Scimone-Henry

Dear Diane, I came across your site while researching pet loss (we lost our 14-year-old shitzu/yorkie-poo last week). I will look for your book "Adventures with Paw Paw" this afternoon. I noticed your last name, which is my maiden name, and since it's an uncommon name (at least around here), I was intrigued. When I clicked on the link that took me to this website, I was even MORE intrigued, as I have developed a strong interest in fighting human trafficking. I am a pscyhotherapist and director of a nonprofit children's mental health agency in Florida. I have a colleague/friend who is a Private Investigator who is currently working on a case involving one of my young clients. I would love to talk with you (if even by email). Please feel free to email me at klconnections@yahoo.com. I am looking forward to reading through the rest of your site! Sincerely, Julie (Scimone) Henry

Jennifer Haupt

Thanks for posting these ideas, Diana. I posted a link on my Facebook Page. Peace - Jen

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  • The children you see on this blog have not knowingly been trafficked--although many are at risk for it.


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