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February 15, 2008


Martha Alderson

Hi Diana,

What a thrill to read what you had to say about Blockbuster Plots Pure and Simple and me!! You are so generous. What a gift..........

I have Google Alerts and thus, was alerted that my name was used and directed to this wonderful surprise.

I have a writer's request for help on my blog. I'd love you to comment as one writer helping another:

Thanks again.
martha alderson


I can hardly wait to see! How long do I have to wait? Like an impatient child, I am eager to see the first book.

And by the way, FORGIVING had so many revisions I lost count. Over and over again I work to sharpen, clarify, stimulate. However, as I tweak and revise my prose and poetry, I find I like better the evolving version!

Once in a while I track revisions for my edification; generally, the process is delete, rewrite, read out loud, listen to my words, revise etc.

Waiting patiently! :)
Mary Elizabeth


I know this is written from the depths of experience and "current affairs" in your life. I have referenced this post in my own blog and hope that many will not be discouraged by this post but encouraged to travail until their creativity is birthed for all the world to see. Keep up the good work. We can't wait to see the finished product.

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