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This is great, Diana. To see exactly what you did helps me know what I can do to market my forthcoming book, Refills: Sharing Cups of Comfort, Truth and Hope with Women.

A question: When did you set up your FB page? Months before you published the book? Or around the time it published?

Blessings, Lucy


I set up my Facebook fan page after I sent the ebook to BookBaby for formatting and cover design, but before the book was actually available in online bookstores. There was about a 3-week window so it gave me time to pull all the marketing materials together.

If you have more time and can set up your FB fan page ahead of time, that's even better because you can be generating buzz before your book even comes out.

Actually, it is an easy thing to write your own book as long as you have a very wide resources which will be used as a path to create an informative book that contains on the things you wanted to talk about.

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