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43 ways to stop child trafficking

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  • 43. Join
    the fight against trafficking in your own city. (Yes, it's happening there.)
  • 42. Google
    the name of your city and "human trafficking" or "child trafficking." Read, learn, get angry.
  • 41. Meet
    with other abolitionists in your city. If there's not a group, start one.
  • 40. Understand
    the mindset of a trafficking victim:
  • 39. Download
    info for health care providers, social service agencies, and law enforcement officials:
  • 38. Pick
    a factsheet and learn about some aspect of human trafficking:
  • 37. Order
    free anti-trafficking brochures, posters, info cards (in many languages):
  • 36. Study
    how to combat trafficking of women and children:
  • 35. Read
    about anti-trafficking legislation in the US:
  • 34. Find out
    what human trafficking is and isn't:
  • 33. Watch
    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement awareness videos:
  • 32. Learn
    what to ask if you think someone is trafficked:
  • 31. Call
    the National Human Trafficking Resource Center to report a trafficking victim: (888) 373-7888.
  • 30. Choose
    a country (the one already on your heart) and learn about trafficking there.
  • 29. Read
    the latest country-by-country Trafficking in Persons Report:
  • 28. Subscribe
    to blogs and email updates from anti-trafficking organizations (like this blog).
  • 27. Give
    a gift card to your local trafficking awareness group--grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
  • 26. Open
    your eyes. There's trafficking all around you.
  • 25. Host
    a party and make anti-trafficking t-shirts to wear. Come up with creative sayings & designs.
  • 24. Visit Pick a blog a day to read and leave an encouraging comment.
  • 23. Make
    a B2F patch or pin to wear on your backpack to spark conversation with friends or teachers (or total strangers).
  • 22. Give
    a gift in someone's honor. Donate to an anti-trafficking organization in his or her name.
  • 21. Forward
    the anti-trafficking video, "Get Angry. Please." to your list.
  • 20. Introduce
    B2F to a foundation or corporation.
  • 19. Sponsor
    a B2F day at your school.
  • 18. Post
    instances of trafficking on
  • 17. Ask
    your legislators what they're doing to stop the traffic.
  • 16. Write
    a letter to the editor.
  • 15. Donate
    to anti-trafficking organizations such as B2F.
  • 14. Display
    anti-trafficking posters in schools, offices, and churches.
  • 13. Blog
    about child trafficking.
  • 12. Pray
    God gave you the power to change what's around you.
  • 11. Learn
    about trafficking in countries where you do business.
  • 10. Flex
    your political muscles.
  • 9. Forgo
    birthday presents. Instead ask family and friends to donate to B2F in your name.
  • 8. Organize
    a fund-raising party for B2F.
  • 7. Take
    a voluntourism trip and help with the anti-trafficking effort.
  • 6. Pick
    a country and take an immersion trip.
  • 5. Start
    a book club. Read Terrify No More or Good News About Injustice.
  • 4. Host
    a house meeting or dorm meeting. Watch China's Stolen Children.
  • 3. Find out
    what's happening in your own community.
  • 2. Read
    about modern-day abolitionists.
  • 1. Learn
    about what's happening. Set up Google alerts for "child trafficking," "human slavery," etc.
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January 18, 2012



Cliff - I am truly sorry that something like this has touched your family; however, when someone is online seeking sex with another and know that the person they will be meeting is a CHILD it is WRONG. Being inexperienced is not an excuse to seek a child out for sex. The guy you talk about whose friends set up the meeting for sex with a child is very disturbing. A. Why would he agree to that? and B. those who set the meeting up knowing he would be meeting an underage child should be held accountable. The eighth grade teacher you mentioned, how old was the teacher when like you said he had consensual sex with a 16 year old? When an adult and child are involved there is NO consensual sex!!! I personally have known quite a few officer's involved in these operations and every single one of them had a passion for stopping children from becoming victims, not getting air time. They carry a horrible burden trying to save these children and knowing what happens to the ones that have not been saved in time. You cannot fathom what they see on a daily basis. They are HERO's! One thing I severely disagree with you on is that these are not violent crimes. They are very VIOLENT crimes and the victims are INNOCENT. Do you have any idea what this does to the children? These children are not posting themselves online to be used like animals. This is an organized crime so organized that most people naively think it doesn’t exist, when it in fact is happening in our own backyards. Anyone involved in such a horrendous act/crime is a threat to our society in the biggest way possible. Ask yourself this, “What if that were my child being used to satisfy disgusting pedophiles?” Just as you are saying these “boys” should not be judged, you should not judge that these victims in some way are asking for this horrible crime to happen to them. Nor should you say these officers are just trying to get air time. I understand there are exceptions, I have seen them in my own career and they should be dealt with accordingly.


It looks to me that you are forgetting the rights granted to us by the constitution. One of the young men here is my nephew. He is socially inept and inexperienced and just the type of person who might be attracted by the promise of free sex with an adult who added a 14 year old to the prospect of sex with the mom. Another 20 year old virgin didnt send a single email or text. His friends did. They brought him to the house a told him to be sure to see ID before any sex. He was arrested and you have published his name and photo. The eighth grade teacher ended being convicted in federal court. And because he had consensual sex 9 years prior with a 16 year old and kept a record of it in his computer at home is now serving LIFE in prison.
These are not violent crimes and the police who run these stings dont seem to care about whether they are really removing a harmful person from society or just ruining the life of an otherwise innocent young person. The families of these boys are also ruined. This is supposed to be a free society. There is a story behind each face youve published and I doubt whether it would be that they prey on innocent teens. What innocent teen advertises for sex on a Craigs list adults only website? The only predators here are the sheriffs deputies hoping for some air time on a TV show.
Before you publish photos that are ruining innocent lives, you should look at the faces of theses boys and ask yourself if any of them would be an actual or potentially a threat to society. A judge decided the charges against my nephew should be dropped. But his name and the names of these other people remain on your web site half of who have also had the charges dropped.

Georgia May

I guess Diana has never heard of innocent until proven guilty.


I can't wait to hear what the investigator told you. I grew up in Osceola County and we just recently moved to Fairhope Alabama. A friend from high school posted a link to the news article and when I read it there was someone from Fairhope! I googled his name and HE LIVES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! How weird is that? And we live in a neighborhood with tons of kids and we're right next to an elementary school. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. From what I've heard his wife is letting him stay because she doesn't think he did anything wrong.


You go Osceola County PD!! Congratulations!

Way to go Diane, love the photos to go with the names. It should be on a billboard.

The sad thing is they are just the tip of the iceberg and it's going on in every city across the country.

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