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August 20, 2010


Bransons Nantucket

An empty mind is a devils workshop and and this is what an addicted victim becomes.

Dug Shelby

These are essentially some of the very real reasons people caught in human trafficking don't just walk away.

Others are the real threat of immediate physical violence or death; withholding of food and water; isolated lock up; increased workload/punishment, among others. Depending on the captor or the pimp involved, there may be little patience for "misbehavior" by the trafficked individual.

If you see anyone you think might be a victim of human trafficking, please tell someone.



the department of justice has the actual facts

Rebecca L.

Another thing often used is drug addiction. Captors pump their victims full of drugs, such as heroin so that they are physically dependent upon them due to extreme addiction.

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  • The children you see on this blog have not knowingly been trafficked--although many are at risk for it.


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