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January 7, 2010


Diana Scimone

Dear 46-year-old survivor,
I am deeply sorry for the pain and horror you endured. I ask God to heal the scars. Thank you for working to make sure others don't go through what you did.

A 46 year old survivor

As a survivor of child rape, I can vouch for the life time of horror it causes. They deserve execution for the lifes they destroy. Our scars are for life.

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people with this type of intension should be hanged till death at the same moment only. May be its the tourist of local people.


here the documentary you may like to watch it's about 'Sex Trafficking In Cambodia'



Once more, thank you so much for getting this information out there and hopefully read by many making them more aware of this atrocious business. I can attest to having read much and seen the desperation here in Mexico especially in the tourist places. It breaks my heart how people come with this intention both nationally and internationally, taking advantage of the poverty of the nation and the desperate need to stay alive.

I pray that legislation and society can STOP this soon.

May God protect these precious ones from the hands of this sick trade of humans as a commodity! May He continue to motivate people to get involved and STOP this, even if it's just for one more. They are so worth each one...of course, I'm hoping for much more. Blessing on you, Diana and your project & writing!!!


It shows where we need to be praying.


If I won the lotto this is the first project I'd not just donate to but would work within the program.
Fortunately I can give when I can and if others give too we can change this..one child at a time.
May God protect the path of all children like this with His angels and earth angels like you!!


Australia also has similar laws for its citizens in regards to such acts committed outside australia

Bryan J.

Maybe revocation of citizenship will be an effective deterrent?

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