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  • The children you see on this blog have not knowingly been trafficked--although many are at risk for it.
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43 ways to stop child trafficking

  • Got more ideas?
    Email your idea to info(at)born2fly(dot)org and I'll add it to the list.
  • 43. Join
    the fight against trafficking in your own city. (Yes, it's happening there.)
  • 42. Google
    the name of your city and "human trafficking" or "child trafficking." Read, learn, get angry.
  • 41. Meet
    with other abolitionists in your city. If there's not a group, start one.
  • 40. Understand
    the mindset of a trafficking victim:
  • 39. Download
    info for health care providers, social service agencies, and law enforcement officials:
  • 38. Pick
    a factsheet and learn about some aspect of human trafficking:
  • 37. Order
    free anti-trafficking brochures, posters, info cards (in many languages):
  • 36. Study
    how to combat trafficking of women and children:
  • 35. Read
    about anti-trafficking legislation in the US:
  • 34. Find out
    what human trafficking is and isn't:
  • 33. Watch
    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement awareness videos:
  • 32. Learn
    what to ask if you think someone is trafficked:
  • 31. Call
    the National Human Trafficking Resource Center to report a trafficking victim: (888) 373-7888.
  • 30. Choose
    a country (the one already on your heart) and learn about trafficking there.
  • 29. Read
    the latest country-by-country Trafficking in Persons Report:
  • 28. Subscribe
    to blogs and email updates from anti-trafficking organizations (like this blog).
  • 27. Give
    a gift card to your local trafficking awareness group--grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.
  • 26. Open
    your eyes. There's trafficking all around you.
  • 25. Host
    a party and make anti-trafficking t-shirts to wear. Come up with creative sayings & designs.
  • 24. Visit Pick a blog a day to read and leave an encouraging comment.
  • 23. Make
    a B2F patch or pin to wear on your backpack to spark conversation with friends or teachers (or total strangers).
  • 22. Give
    a gift in someone's honor. Donate to an anti-trafficking organization in his or her name.
  • 21. Forward
    the anti-trafficking video, "Get Angry. Please." to your list.
  • 20. Introduce
    B2F to a foundation or corporation.
  • 19. Sponsor
    a B2F day at your school.
  • 18. Post
    instances of trafficking on
  • 17. Ask
    your legislators what they're doing to stop the traffic.
  • 16. Write
    a letter to the editor.
  • 15. Donate
    to anti-trafficking organizations such as B2F.
  • 14. Display
    anti-trafficking posters in schools, offices, and churches.
  • 13. Blog
    about child trafficking.
  • 12. Pray
    God gave you the power to change what's around you.
  • 11. Learn
    about trafficking in countries where you do business.
  • 10. Flex
    your political muscles.
  • 9. Forgo
    birthday presents. Instead ask family and friends to donate to B2F in your name.
  • 8. Organize
    a fund-raising party for B2F.
  • 7. Take
    a voluntourism trip and help with the anti-trafficking effort.
  • 6. Pick
    a country and take an immersion trip.
  • 5. Start
    a book club. Read Terrify No More or Good News About Injustice.
  • 4. Host
    a house meeting or dorm meeting. Watch China's Stolen Children.
  • 3. Find out
    what's happening in your own community.
  • 2. Read
    about modern-day abolitionists.
  • 1. Learn
    about what's happening. Set up Google alerts for "child trafficking," "human slavery," etc.
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April 24, 2009



Hello, I am looking for anti-human trafficking organization based on NYC.

Thank you my twitter account is

thank you

Julie Shematz

Thanks for the work you do, Diana. Please add the following:


Love the many great resources! You could definitely add me to your list! @howtolovewell

Stacey Edie

Please add me @sstacinator, Thanks Stacey

Anelia - Heaven's Attic

We raise awareness of the issue and support various anti-trafficking charities with our profits:


Cathy Hoesterey

Another abolitionist for your list @DaveBatstone (President of Not For Sale Campaign)


Me :) @mckennah

John Berger

Thanks for the list. Please add @johncberger and @madebysurvivors and @sarahsymons

SockFoon C MacDougall

Please add @SockFoon (that's me) to your list. Thanks.

Natalie Garay

Please add me to your list! :)
@NatalieGaray - Events Coordinator for Project Exodus.
Thank u!
Blessings, Natalie


Please add NewJerusalemGifts


can you add @redeemedlove we are an organization in atlanta ga that is providing emergency after care for survivors.

Christine Buckley

Hi Diana, Thanks for the great resources and the work you do. Please add me to your list!

Christine Buckley @christibuckley

Mary Morawska

Please add me to your list too! Thanks! @museii

Eric Proffitt

Diana, Have we spoken to each other yet? I am the guy who is running 500 miles across the UK.. IN CHAINS, to end slavery.
I would love to talk to you:
on twitter @ericproffitt


My website:



Please add me to your list.



Diane Beeler

I write about human trafficking and other human rights on my blog.I created a list of human rights activitists on one of my posts. I'll match it against your list and add the ones I missed. Thanks for this list. I hope you'll consider adding me to your list of individuals involved on a personal level. My Twitter ID is @DianeBeeler. Thank you.

Amber Smith

Should add @nosilencenow & @AmberGlattSmith




The No Silence Campaign
is on Twitter!



what a great list! I'm going to start following some of these.

Please add me too:

thanks! This is a great idea. I'm going to do a similar post this coming Friday.

jessica dickinson


Shellie Casey-Hoffman

Thank you for this list! Consider me for your list too-@advancnonprofit

Ken Morris

Thanks Diana for sharing this great list and for including me.

Ken Morris

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