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January 4, 2009


MaryElizabeth McIlvane

Kristof has so many comments I am placing mine here. Pross lost one eye which significantly impacts her vision into and of the world. However we are not able to see the inner vision and knowledge of herself that has been ripped out of her, minute by minute, day by day. Speaking out helps her but no transplant or artificial spirit, soul and mind can be implanted into her small young body. Generations continue to be destroyed. She was forced into slavery. Using her will she chose to fight every day and was punished over and over. How she can regain her natural body, soul, spirit and mind presents a challenging journey. She will look OK in a year but within she will not be so. Within she is tender, sore, fragile! My prayer of hope is people will begin to realize the horror of what has happened within her and is invisible to the world. When this truth is realized abolition will gain the traction needed for abolition world wide to become a reality.

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